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Ghosts of IKEA

Responding to the closure of IKEA Tottenham with paintings, video and sound

Paintings on fabric which I bought in the year the store opened. From the Pernilla range designed by Linda Svensson Edevint, it has a grid design from which I pick out spaces in which IKEA visitors perform.

The paintings allude to a current state of haunting, of a place and experience vividly remembered from IKEA pilgrimages.

My videos Short cuts (if you know where to find them) and Things You Never Knew You Needed are on Vimeo. 


ELKS in the rear window

Exhibition prompted by the closing of IKEA Edmonton

Meridian Water Station

April - May 2023, curated by AiR

Ghosts of IKEA Series

acrylic on IKEA fabric, 2023, resulting from an AiR residency at IKEA Edmonton in the final weeks before it closed


This ongoing series of paintings are informed by the SPAN development where I grew up. SPAN built pioneering and idealistic housing schemes set in mature communal gardens so that children could roam freely, attracting families interested in alternatives to the confines of victorian family values. Today these same developments seem rather staid and some have become a little overgrown. These stem from my interest in lived experiences of modernist aspiration, left-wing melancholia and how places hold memories


oil on unstretched linen, 110 x 80cm, 2023

Forgotten Play Area

80 x 110 cm 

oil on unstretched linen, 2023

Flats, 2023.jpeg

Flats with billowing trees

75 x 60 cm

oil on linen, 2023

Smouldering Flats, 60 x 75, oil on linen, 2023

Smouldering Flats

60 x 75 cm

oil on linen, 2023

Shady Pathway 145 x 120 cm oil on linen, 2023.jpeg

Shady Pathway

145 x 120 cm

oil on linen, 2023

Lording it up, 2023.jpeg

Lording it up

155 x 120 cm

oil on linen, 2023



105 x 77 cm

acrylic and oil on unstretched linen, 2022


77 x 105 cm

acrylic on unstretched linen, 2022

The Flats, 1 - 3
each 72 x 95 cm
oil on unstretched linen, 2022



(Exhibition installation 2022, Mile End Art Pavilion)

Thamesmead is now on the delta flood plain, blocks of flats are partially submerged due to rising water levels


Plastic water bottles and takeaway coffee cups wash by


Man is replaced by machine and can now relax in perpetual anxiety and exhaustion


A ball of string, a pair of DIY gloves, once signifiers of work are now vestiges of an era of lifestyle accessories


Painters have given up decorating jobs to become artists


Protective Hands
After active use - dishevelled - stained - worn - floppy - limp
Abandoned without a partner 
Extra Dotted
Comfortable fit

Hi_Vis Series

Re: Development


Studio in a tower, sandwiched between a Travelodge tower and flats decanted originally in 2004 and after years of dispute, to be brought back into life as a residential block. 2 flats of the decanted 23-storey block appear occupied. 

Light and reflections bounce off the towers, changing constantly