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Artist Statement


I’m making paintings about modernist legacies, futures which haven’t quite worked out, spaces pregnant with expectation versus what we’re left with.

The Lounge Lobby series is set in mid-century modern hotel lobbies. 

Grand Designs 1923-2023 series considers modernist villas which were abandoned due to war or regime change and their recuperation after violent interludes. 

Ghosts of IKEA was a post-apocalyptic imagining based on memories of IKEA in North London, our personal walkthrough implanted in our muscle memory. 


These series share a quiet abandonment. They reference ubiquitous modernist design as a mindset of which I’m a product. 


I mainly work in oil on linen, letting the pigment bleed across sized linen. Often the support surface is visibly part of the work, be it raw linen or IKEA curtain fabric. I generally start from my own photos. Rather than aiming for realism, I enjoy creating an atmosphere with light across empty space, be it a concrete floor or an industrial ceiling.

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